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Will Rubio Admit that Trump is Describing Sexual Assault?

For months Floridians have watched Marco Rubio willfully ignore and downplay Donald Trump’s sexist, racist, and xenophobic statements, but does he even have the courage to admit that Trump was in fact describing sexual assault? Or will he join Senator Sessions from Alabama in silencing and belittling the legitimacy of sexual assault survivors?  

Florida voters deserve to know if their Senator can put politics aside and admit that what Donald Trump is boasting about on that inexcusable tape was not ‘locker room’ talk, but textbook assault.   

“Will Florida Senator Marco Rubio stand up and admit that what Donald Trump is describing on tape is sexual assault?’ said FDP spokeswoman Lauren Cross. “Can Rubio set aside his ambitious career long enough to concede that his nominee for president is not just using lewd words from a ‘locker room’, but illustrating a sex crime and perpetuating rape culture? Or will Rubio just continue to cower behind his nominee?”

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