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Trump: Rubio and I u2018Are Very Much in Sync’

GOP Nominee Revels in Rubio’s Lack of Dignity

Following his rally in Tampa last night, Donald Trump bragged that Marco Rubio’s success is largely dependent on him being “in sync” with Trump’s own campaign. In a CBS poll this week, Florida Republicans said that they would still choose Donald Trump over Marco Rubio to be the GOP presidential nominee, making Rubio’s feeble insistence that will be a “check and balance” on Trump even less believable.

“Marco Rubio can’t stand up to the man he believes is a ‘con artist’ who shouldn’t be trusted with nuclear codes because, as his nominee says, he’d be nothing without Trump,” said FDP spokesman Max Steele. “When Trump brags that Rubio is ‘in sync’ with him, he’s underscoring the anti-science, anti-woman, anti-immigrant positions that both candidates are promising to act on, as well as Rubio’s inability to hold him accountable.

“Floridans know Marco Rubio can’t stand up to Donald Trump because he can’t even stand up for himself. Florida deserves a real leader in the Senate, not a coward who will do anything to advance his own career.”

Watch Donald Trump on WJXT: 

“I hear Marco is doing very well. We have a very good relationship. I think Marco is gonna do well. I think he’s gonna win.”

“And I think part of the reason he’s gonna win is because of the fact that we are very much in sync.” 

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