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Was Rubio Lying Then Or is He Lying Now?

Supreme Court Edition 

When Marco Rubio flip-flopped on running to keep job he hates, one of his primary excuses was  his desire to help Trump shape the future of the Supreme Court. Yet Rubio simultaneously insists he stands by everything he said about Trump in the primary, including his doubts that Trump could be trusted to appoint appropriate Supreme Court Justices. After all, Rubio argued, who can trust a con man? 

Rubio cannot have it both ways and his continued attempts to mislead Florida voters demonstrates his spinelessness. As President Obama said, Rubio is willing to be anybody just to be somebody. Floridians deserve better than Marco Rubio’s cowardice.  

Watch: Marco Rubio argues that Donald Trump can’t be trusted with appointing a Supreme Court Justice.

Rubio: “And so, yes, I have a doubt about whether Donald Trump, if he becomes president, will replace Justice Scalia with someone just like Justice Scalia.”


Rubio at the CNN GOP Presidential Debate, February 25 2016


Watch: Marco Rubio reverses course and now tells voters to support Trump on the basis of his trust in Trump’s appointment abilities.

Rubio: “Donald Trump is committed to appointing someone like that [Justice Scalia], so that is one reason why I think people may consider voting for Donald even though they have some differences with him on some other issues…”

Rubio in an interview ​with CBN, August 12, 2016

Watch: Rubio rallies his supporters around his support for Trump’s appointment of a Supreme Court Justice. 

Rubio: “And so I ask you- who do you want to have making that appointment? Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?”

Audience: “Trump!” 

Rubio at a Sarasota GOP rally on July 30, 2016


Watch: Rubio underscores the presidential election as essential in the appointment of a new Justice.

Rubio: “Whoever, whatever happens over the next 18, 19 days, the next President of the United States is going to appoint three, at least three Supreme Court Justices who will serve at least a quarter century, twenty-five years.” 

Rubio at a Broward County event on October 20, 2016 

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