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FDP Statement on Rick Scott’s State of the State

Today, following Rick Scott’s State of the State speech, Florida Democratic Party Chair Stephen Bittel released the following statement: 

“Sadly it’s unsurprising that Governor Rick Scott’s solution to all of Florida’s educational, economic, environmental, and health care problems is even more corporate welfare. The Governor’s failed leadership has done nothing but exacerbate Tallahassee dysfunction and gridlock while failing to help the Floridians who need it most.” 

“Rick Scott’s strategy of creating low-wage jobs to maximize corporate profits, while letting schools fall further behind, has failed Florida. After refusing to expand access to affordable healthcare to nearly a million Floridians, Scott is adding insult to injury by seeking to cut funding to safety net hospitals. While Florida continues to suffer from an epidemic of senseless gun violence, Rick Scott and his Tallahassee Republican allies are seeking to put guns in schools and airports. As the seas continue to rise and increasing numbers of Floridians suffer the effects of climate change, Scott still has his head in the sand and refuses to even acknowledge the crisis. Floridians deserve better.” 

“For the large corporations and the wealthy, twenty years of Republican leadership has been a worthwhile investment. But for middle class Floridians, the GOP agenda has left them behind. Rick Scott has forgotten that his constituents are the people of Florida, not wealthy donors funding his next campaign. Democrats will keep fighting for better schools, higher wages, small businesses, affordable healthcare, and our environment because we believe the American Dream should shine brightest in Florida. In 2018, Florida Democrats will retake the Governor’s Mansion and state government will once again fight for the middle class.” 

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