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FDP Statement on Rick Scott's Treatment of State Attorney Ayala

Florida Democratic Party responds to Governor Scott and the Florida Legislature putting public safety at risk for political retribution against State Attorney Ayala 

In a massive overreach of his authority, Rick Scott removed State Attorney Ayala from 21 cases within her jurisdiction

 In response to Rick Scott and the Republicans’ political posturing that will endanger the safety of Florida families, Florida Democratic Party Spokesperson Johanna Cervone issued the following statement: 

 “Rick Scott’s treatment of State Attorney Aramis Ayala is yet another example of his blatant abuse of power. The Republican legislature is following in Rick Scott’s footsteps by moving to cut $1.3 million from State Attorney Ayala’s budget to prosecute criminals as political retribution.  State Attorney Ayala’s office is tasked with protecting Florida families by keeping criminals off the streets and the GOP’s politically motivated cuts mean that there will be more criminals roaming freely and Florida’s victims of violent crimes will not receive justice.  Republicans are once again showing us their true colors — they have no problem putting Floridians at risk in their quest for more political power.”

Rick Scott illegally removed State Attorney Ayala after she acted within the discretion of her position and chose not to seek the death penalty in a prosecution. The Republican legislature took up Rick Scott’s political posturing and moved to cut $1.3 million from State Attorney Ayala’s budget, effectively endangering the safety of Floridians by keeping criminals on the street. Today, Rick Scott continued this unnecessary overreach  by removing State Attorney Ayala from 21 cases within her jurisdiction. 


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