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Senators Cory Booker and Bill Nelson Visit DCCA Retreat, FDP Awards $100,000 in Grants

This weekend, Senator Bill Nelson of Florida and Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey visited the annual Democratic County Chairs Association retreat. The Senators stopped by several Democratic Caucuses to give a message of hope, resistance and persistence. The visit capped off a day of learning, meeting and strategizing as the Florida Democratic Party continues expanding and organizing throughout the state. 
The Senators gave the following statements about their visit to the DCCA retreat: 
“It was inspiring to join Florida’s Democratic Party Chairs as they set to the important work of training and empowering local Democrats to get engaged and mobilized in their communities. The Trump agenda is serving only special interests, is undermining the economic security of everyday Americans, and will gut vital programs Florida families count on. We need leaders like these county chairs to build on the momentum of civic engagement we have seen since the election, because Florida and the United States are better served when we have strong Democratic leaders who will fight for our families.” – Senator Cory Booker, New Jersey
“We need leaders like our county chairs to maintain the momentum of civic engagement we have seen since the election so we can make sure that Florida families have elected officials who will truly represent them.” – Senator Bill Nelson, Florida
The Florida Democratic Party hosted the event. Chair Stephen Bittel held a special reception where he announced the winners of the $100,000 Janet Reno Challenge Grant. The $2,500 and $5,000 grants were awarded to Democratic clubs and caucuses that proposed creative ideas to increase engagement and outreach. The recipients were selected by an independent panel. 
“I would like to thank Senators Cory Booker and Bill Nelson for visiting our retreat and supporting Florida families by helping elect Democrats throughout the state,” said Chair Stephen Bittel. “The FDP was proud to award the first Janet Reno Challenge Grants and we will continue expanding our organization with new programs and initiatives aimed at empowering Democratic clubs across the state. Strengthening our local parties is key to turning Florida back to blue.” 
Florida Democratic Party continues its expansion as it hires new staff and creates new programs that will increase engagement and push back on harmful Republican policies that put special interests before the needs of Floridians. 

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