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FDP Statement on Republican Expansion of Stand Your Ground Law

Republicans Support Guns Over People Again
Republicans pass reckless expansion of Stand Your Ground Law, place interests of the gun lobby over the safety of Floridians
In spite of overwhelming evidence against the failed law, Republicans in the House and Senate voted to pass an expansion of the bill that places the burden of proof on the prosecutor in Stand Your Ground cases. In response to this blatant pandering to the gun lobby, FDP Chair Stephen Bittel gave the following statement: 

“By passing the dangerous expansion of the Stand Your Ground law, Republicans chose to take their orders from the NRA instead of listening to Floridians. Now, thanks to the insensitive GOP, Florida must deal with the economic and social consequences of a law that is a proven failure. Shifting the burden of proof to the prosecution will increase violent crime, increase ​racial profiling and bias, and place unnecessary and unaffordable stress on prosecutors and law enforcement. As we’ve seen throughout this session, placing special interests over Florida communities has become a common theme for the Republican legislature.”​​​

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