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ICYMI: The Worst of the Worst of the Republican Legislature Budget

ICYMI: The Worst of the Worst of the Republican Legislature Budget
Republicans hurt Florida families with massive cuts to healthcare, education and the environment
The Florida House and Senate will vote on their respective budgets this week. In typical GOP fashion, the majority Republican legislature prioritized cutting health services, public education and environmental programs to give more kickbacks to the lobbyists and donors who fund their campaigns. 
Some of the most shameless items include: 
Republicans in the Florida House want to cut over $600 million from public hospitals that serve low-income Floridians. 
House Republicans are prepared to gut the Department of Environmental Protection in a state that is ground zero for climate change. The DEP risks a nearly 27% cut this year. 
The Senate Republicans decided to ignore the 75% of Floridians who voted to acquire land for conservation and want to cut $111 million from the Land Acquisition Trust Fund. 
Higher education would see massive cuts under the House Republican budget. Bright Futures would suffer a $11 million cut and HBCUs would lose $2.6 million. 
Republican Richard Corcoran continues working for charter schools instead of our public schools. Corcoran would set-up a $200 million slush fund for charter schools while our public schools continue to struggle. In fact, public schools would get just $20 million for capital projects while charter schools would receive $100 million. 
Press Advisory:
The Florida Democratic Party has surrogates available to speak on the budget. Please contact Johanna Cervone at 305-401-0869, [email protected]


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