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ICYMI: Frank Artiles and Republicans Have Worst Week Ever After Racial and Misogynist Slurs

ICYMI: Frank Artiles and Republicans Have Worst Week Ever After Racial and Misogynist Slurs 
After referring to his colleagues using racist and sexist slurs, Frank Artiles is feeling the pressure to resign. Republicans refuse to call for his resignation and seem content with a slap on the wrist after the latest of many violent and bigoted incidents involving Artiles. 

Tuesday: On April 18th, the Miami Herald reported that Miami Senator Frank Artiles had used racist and misogynistic slurs against his colleagues. Later that night, the Miami Herald also broke the story of a secret recording of Artiles using a racial slur against Muslims. Florida Democrats immediately called for his resignation. Republicans however, say they will stay out of it. 

Miami Herald, April 18, 2017: State Senator Curses at Black Lawmaker – and Refers to Fellow Republicans as ‘Niggas’
Miami Herald, April 18, 2017: Lawmaker Accused of Using Racial Slur Once Referred to ‘Hajis’ 
Miami Herald, April 18, 2017: Florida Democratic Party Calls on Artiles to Resign After Tirade
Politico, April18, 2017: After Offensive Comment, Miami State Senator Fends Off Calls for Resignation, Condemnation
Wednesday: As a result of his hateful remarks, Frank Artiles was stripped of his Chairmanship on the Committee of Communications, Energy and Public Utilities. Artiles then attempted to give a weak apology for his hate speech. It was clearly not enough and Senator Perry Thurston, Chairman of The Florida Conference of Black State Legislators, filed a complaint with the Senate Rules Committee to formally seek the expulsion of Frank Artiles. An investigation has begun and will present its findings on April 25th. Despite mounting pressure, his Republican colleagues refuse to call for his resignation and settle for a slap on the wrist, despite this being the latest in a string of hateful and violent incidents. 
ABC Local 10 News, April 19th, 2017: Artiles Removed as Committee Chairman After Racial Slur
Fox News Politics, April 19th, 2017: Frank Artiles: Florida State Senator Apologizes for Racial Slurs
April 19th, 2017: Tweet: Senator Perry Thurston Asks Senate to Begin Process of Expelling Artiles 
Tampa Bay Times, April 20th, 2017: Controversy Over Miami Lawmaker’s Racial Slur Engulfs Florida Legislature
April 19th, 2017: Tweet: Joe Negron says Artiles resignation is ‘between him and his constituents’
Thursday: Dozens of protestors gathered outside Frank Artiles’ Kendall office to protest the racist and sexist slurs he used against his colleagues in the Florida Senate. Constituents from his district called for his resignation as they chanted outside the shuttered district office. Meanwhile, thousands of Floridians signed petitions demanding his resignation. Regardless, Republicans continue to go soft on Artiles. 
Florida Politics, April 20th 2017: Kendall Protestors Call for ‘Bully’ Frank Artiles to Resign
Miami New Times, April 20th 2017: Nearly 4,000 Demand Frank Artiles Resign for Using N-word as Protests Begin
Friday: More and more community leaders, publications and organizations call for Senate Republicans to expel Artiles. 
Miami Herald, April 19th, 2017: Apology Not Enough: State Sen. Frank Artiles Should Resign
Sun Sentinel, April 19th, 2017: Frank Artiles Must be Dumped from Legislature. NOW.
Saint Peters Blog, April 19th, 2017: Of Course Frank Artiles Should Resign. Does the Senate Have the Steel to Make that Happen?
WSVN 7 News, April 20th, 2017: Religious Leaders, Lawmakers Call for Artiles to Resign After Racist Slurs
Tampa Bay Times, April 19th, 2017: Artiles Apology Not Enough: Democrats, Equality Florida, NAACP Call for his Removal
PRESS ADVISORY: The Florida Democratic Party has surrogates available to speak on this issue. Please contact Johanna Cervone at [email protected]305-401-0869

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