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Puerto Rico Becomes Newest Target of Donald Trump's Lies and Bullying

Puerto Rico Becomes Newest Target of Donald Trump’s Lies and Bullying 
Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Johanna Cervone issued the following statement regarding Donald Trump’s falsehoods about Puerto Rico:
Puerto Ricans are tax-paying, American citizens, though it isn’t surprising that Donald Trump clearly doesn’t know those non-alternative facts. Trump is simply lying: the negotiations being discussed are not a ‘bailout’, but would help provide desperately needed access to healthcare for seniors and children on the island. Instead of using Puerto Ricanfamilies as scapegoats and bargaining chips for the disastrous Republican budget process that will likely lead to a government shutdown, he should pay back the nearly $33 million he owes Puerto Rican taxpayers after yet another one of his businesses defaulted on the island.” 
In another typical day at the White House, Donald Trump spread falsehoods on Twitter, this time about giving a ‘bailout’ to Puerto Ricans. The budget item being discussed would actually give healthcare access to Puerto Ricans, in particular to children and seniors. Puerto Ricans pay many taxes, including the same rates of payroll, Medicare and Social Security taxes as stateside Americans. However, residents on the island receive a fraction of healthcare funding as the 50 states. Puerto Ricans are calling for equal treatment, not a bailout. 
Florida Politics, April 27th, 2017: Donald Trump Tweets on Puerto Rico Infuriate Puerto Ricans, Raise Budget Deal Questions
NBC News, April 27th, 2017: Puerto Rico Officials Slam Trump for Tweets on Island ‘Bailout’
Meanwhile, Trump conveniently left out the fact that his golf course on the island defaulted, like so many of his other failed business schemes. The failure left Puerto Rican taxpayers with a nearly $33 million bill, another example of Trump’s many scams that make him wealthier and con hardworking families. 
BuzzFeed, October 12th, 2016: The Island Resort that Trump Promised to Save (But So Didn’t)

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