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FDP Chair Stephen Bittel Embarks on Florida Panhandle Tour

FDP Chair Stephen Bittel Embarks on Florida Panhandle Tour
Florida Democratic Party Chair Stephen Bittel and President Sally Boynton Brown embarked on a two day tour of the Florida panhandle to energize the Democratic base and spread the party’s message of economic growth and opportunity to all corners of the state. 
“I ran for party chair to build permanent progressive infrastructure throughout the state and elect Democrats at every level of office,” said FDP Chair Stephen Bittel. “The Florida Panhandle provides a unique opportunity for us to show the entire nation how to communicate our Democratic values in red areas and find ways to connect to all types of voters. We are thrilled to hear from Party leaders from around the region about what they need from our staff to run effective electoral programs.”
The trip throughout the Panhandle will serve as a listening tour encouraging discussion about the unique challenges that counties in the Panhandle face regularly when working to elect DemocratsIn 2008 President Obama performed better in parts of the Panhandle than any Democrat running for President since Jimmy Carter. This tour will serve as the beginning of a long-term initiative to turn the Panhandle blue again.
Below are​ the tour stops and details:
Tuesday, May 9th:
Escambia County
Santa Rosa County
Okaloosa County
Walton County
Holmes County
Wednesday, May 10th: 
Washington County
Bay County
Gadsden County
Jefferson County
Madison County
Taylor County 

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