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Updated CBO Score of Trumpcare Signals Failure for Rick Scott

Updated CBO Score of Trumpcare Signals Failure for Rick Scott 

Rick Scott helped craft Trumpcare and now we learn that it’s not just Florida families who think Trumpcare is a disaster.  

MIAMI, FL – Governor Rick Scott has been a cheerleader for President Donald Trump from the moment he cleared the GOP Primary.

Since then, Scott has gleefully paraded his close friendship with the president and his intimate involvement in helping to craft Trumpcare (the American Health Care Act).

Never mind that Trumpcare is almost universally despised, and that Americans are actively mobilizing against the House Republicans who voted for this legislation. Through it all, Scott has stood by his man (Donald Trump).

The bad news for Scott and Trump came yesterday afternoon, when the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released an updated score of Trumpcare, confirming what we already knew–Trumpcare is a disaster.

“Today’s updated CBO score reflects a major failure on the part of Rick Scott who has framed himself as a chief contributor to this disaster of a healthcare bill,” said FDP spokesperson Johanna Cervone. “Rick Scott and House Republicans have failed to provide a viable alternative to Obamacare, and American voters will remember that failure in 2018.”

Donald Trump has been practically begging Rick Scott to run for the U.S. Senate. But Scott, who hitched his wagon to Donald Trump early on, may be regretting his decision to permanently tie his legacy to Donald Trump’s marquee healthcare legislation. 


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