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Florida Democrats Condemn Break from Paris Climate Agreement

Florida Democrats Condemn Break from Paris Climate Agreement 
MIAMI, FL – Today, Donald Trump failed America and the international community by withdrawing  from the Paris Climate Agreement.
America’s international allies, business leaders, and community leaders all urged Donald Trump to maintain America’s commitment to the Paris Agreement. 
Donald Trump’s decision to reject fact-based, scientific consensus puts Florida’s economy, health and well-being at serious risk.

On the first day of hurricane season, Floridians are confronted with an unacceptable lack of leadership from Washington and Tallahassee. Florida has more private property at risk of flooding than any other state. For Floridians climate change is not a distant threat looming off in the distance–it’s a reality we are facing everyday. Meanwhile, Floridians are still waiting for gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam to answer questions​ on whether he thinks the government should act to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
“Whether it’s Donald Trump, Rick Scott, or Adam Putnam: Floridians can’t look to Republicans in the federal or state government for leadership on climate action,” said FDP spokesperson Johanna Cervone. “Florida is ground zero for climate change and today’s announcement puts our state at serious risk. Republicans must put Florida’s future before their party and reject Donald Trump’s decision.”


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