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Rick Scott and Donald Trump Will Leave Florida Underwater

Rick Scott and Donald Trump Will Leave Florida Underwater
MIAMI, FL – Today, when asked about his thoughts on Donald Trump’s exit of the Paris Climate Agreement, Governor Rick Scott–once again–came to Trump’s rescue​ at the expense of Floridians.
This blatant disregard of fact-based, scientific consensus comes at a time when no one has been been appointed to head FEMA or NOAA, and Trump is proposing to cut millions from climate research and disaster relief.
Florida is the number one state in the country at risk from climate change. Governor Scott’s refusal to take any action on climate change or speak out against Donald Trump is unacceptable. 
“Donald Trump’s policies and Rick Scott’s inaction condemn Floridians to the consequences of sea level rise and climate change. Rather than defend his state, Rick Scott defends the very policies that will hurt Florida’s environment and economy the most. Scott and Trump might wait for Florida to go underwater before admitting climate change is real.” said FDP spokesperson Johanna Cervone.


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