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Rick Scott's Backroom Budget Fails Florida Families

Rick Scott’s Backroom Budget Fails Florida Families
Today, Governor Rick Scott announced a backroom budget deal negotiated with Speaker Richard Corcoran and Senate President Joe Negron.
Scott’s budget fails Florida’s working families and instead funnels taxpayer dollars to Scott and Corcoran’s corporate lackeys.
Millions of dollars will be dedicated to Enterprise Florida and Visit Florida, Scott’s slush funds for corporate welfare, and millions more will be funneled to for-profit charter schools at the cost of local projects that benefit Florida’s families and economy directly.
Meanwhile, despite universal outrage from every significant stakeholder (school boards, superintendents, and teachers), Scott is widely anticipated to cave to corporate interests and sign the legislature’s disaster of an education bill–HB7069–in exchange for his corporate welfare slush funds.
“Not only does this budget deal funnel millions to private for-profit charter schools, remove oversight from local school boards, and short-change Florida’s children–it was negotiated in secret, and the end result will bring millions to Scott and Corcoran’s corporate benefactors. Rick Scott and Richard Corcoran represent dirty, backroom politics at its worst, and this secret budget fails Florida’s working families.” said FDP spokesperson Johanna Cervone


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