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Florida Dems Highlight Governor Scott’s Self-Serving Special Session

Florida Dems Highlight Governor Scott’s Self-Serving Special Session
The Florida Democratic Party today held a press conference call featuring Representative Shevrin Jones and Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez to highlight Governor Scott’s self-serving special session. On the call, Representative Jones and Senator Rodriguez spoke about the latest effort by Governor Scott and Tallahassee Republicans to push their own political agenda at the expense of hardworking Floridians.
From Representative Shevrin Jones: “Governor Scott is no stranger to backroom deals that benefit his “friends” at the expense of Florida taxpayersAt every turn, Scott has only ever looked out for one person: himself – and this budget deal and special session are just the latest examples of him putting his own interests and those of his political benefactors above our children and students. It’s time for Rick Scott and his Republican colleagues to stop prioritizing their self-serving agenda. It’s time to stop wasting tax dollars on handouts to Scott’s political allies instead of investments in quality public schools. It’s time Rick Scott and my Republican colleagues stop playing politics and consider the people.”
Instead of investing in middle class priorities, Scott and Tallahassee Republicans are working to set up a slush fund to reward Scott’s political contributors, trying to send more tax dollars to corporations that want to profit off children’s education and spending hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to do it. The Sun Sentinel recently editorialized that Scott’s “secret budget deal undermines education, public trust,” and the Tampa Bay Times wrote that Republicans and Scott’s proposal would “dismantle public education.” The special session is estimated to cost tax payers as much as $72,000 per day.   
Newspapers across the state have widely condemned this budget as only benefitting Scott and his cronies. The Pensacola News-Journal described the special session as pure Rick Scott: putting his “personal priorities” over the needs of Florida’s children and students, noting that “as soon as Scott [got] what he really wanted – more cash for Visit Florida and the Department of Economic Opportunity – he scrapped all that transparency talk and promptly shook hands. So much for principle.”
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