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Governor Rick Scott Should Protect Floridians' Voter Data

Governor Rick Scott Should Protect Floridians’ Voter Data 
In response to attempts by Donald Trump’s “election integrity” commission to collect sensitive voter data from all 50 states, FDP Communications Director Johanna Cervone issued the following statement:  
“Donald Trump’s ‘election integrity’ commission was founded on a lie that 3 to 5 million votes were cast illegally. This absurd notion has been universally rejected by top election officials and members of both parties. The Florida Democratic Party urges Governor Scott to reject Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric and retain all sensitive data. This commission facilitates a dangerous and false narrative that voter fraud is rampant–this is a thinly veiled attempt at justifying national voter suppression. Every responsible elected official should reject this farce of a commission immediately.” said FDP spokesperson Johanna Cervone.

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