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ICYMI: Florida Democrats Focus on Grassroots Engagement Programs

ICYMI: Florida Democrats Raise Nearly $3.5 Million in First Half of 2017 and Focus on Grassroots Engagement Programs
Following a successful Leadership Blue Gala, Florida Democrats have raised nearly $3.5 million through the first half of this fiscal year. 
As part of their statewide plan, Florida Democrats will be on the ground working to register voters, organizing door-knocking efforts, and hosting community events.
Florida Democratic Party Chair Stephen Bittel, Senate Democratic Leader Designate Jeff Clemens and House Democratic Leader Designate Kionne McGhee issued the following statement regarding the Democrats’ successful fundraising program: 
Democrats are more fired up and ready to win than ever before. Having raised nearly $3.5 million this year, Florida Democrats are immensely grateful for the generous support of our donors and Democratic legislators from across the state. We are committed to supporting Democrats from schoolboard to U.S. Senate, and as we continue to build grassroots enthusiasm and raise resources, we are confident that Florida Democrats will win in 2018.” 
Background: By this time in 2013 (a similar off-year), the Florida Democratic Party had raised $2,659,000. Recent fundraising efforts mark close to a $1 million increase in dollars raised.​

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