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Carlos Curbelo brags on impeachment, but without action it’s just more political posturing

Carlos Curbelo brags on impeachment, but without action it’s just more political posturing
Once again, Carlos Curbelo says one thing in South Florida and does another in Washington
Today, is the latest chapter in Carlos Curbelo saying one thing to placate voters and doing the exact opposite in Washington. Earlier this year, Congressman Curbelo made headlines for insisting he was the first Republican to mention impeachment. And not only did he mention impeachment, but he had his spokeswoman call media outlets and ask for corrections that noted he was the FIRST Republican to have done so.
But now that President Trump’s Russia worries have gotten significantly more serious, it’s clear that Curbelo’s previous statements were exactly what they looked like at the time: political posturing to make him look tough on Trump while he took no actions to hold the President accountable for his campaign’s actions.
“Congressman Curbelo is eager to talk tough on Trump because he thinks it’s good for scoring political points, but voters are interested in real actions that will keep our democracy safe from foreign meddling in American elections,” said FDP spokesperson Johanna Cervone. “Here’s a simple test, if Curbelo was interested in more than political stunts, he’d file articles on the President’s impeachment, not just talk about it.”


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