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Republicans Elect Corrupt, Apprentice Contestant as SD40 Nominee

Republicans Elect Corrupt, Apprentice Contestant as SD40 Nominee 
Former failed ‘Apprentice’ contestant and notable Trump surrogate, Jose Felix Diaz, wins the GOP Primary

Tonight, State Representative Jose Felix Diaz won the GOP nomination in senate district 40 after a bruising and expensive primary.

Rep. Diaz was backed by powerful special interests and big corporate checks. 

A longtime Tallahassee insider, Diaz’s candidacy was propelled by money from the same special interests that he lobbies for.

Up until 1999, lobbying while a legislator was considered to be an ‘inescapable conflict of interest‘.

“Voters in senate district 40 are sick of corrupt, pay-to-play politicians like Jose Felix Diaz who are owned by the special interests that buy them. What’s even more outrageous is that Diaz legislates and lobbies at the same time–which up until 1999 was deemed an ‘inescapable conflict of interest’. Instead of doing good, Diaz took big checks from insurance lobbyists and stuck Floridians with higher rates; Diaz used his office to enrich himself while raising property taxes by $500 million–increasing the cost of living for Miami homeowners. Diaz also voted to divert millions from our public schools to the unaccountable, for-profit charter schools that donate thousands to his campaigns. Not a surprise, considering he’s a lobbyist who takes money from corrupt entities like Dade Medical College. Diaz must be taking cues from his old boss, Donald Trump.” said FDP spokesperson Johanna Cervone. 


Background: The senate district 40 special election is widely regarded as a strong Democratic pickup opportunity. In a district that Hillary Clinton carried by 16%, Democrats are the favorites to win this September.

State Representative Jose Felix Diaz, an unashamed Trump surrogate (and former Apprentice loser), is a longtime Tallahassee insider with flagrant conflicts of interest as a lobbyist-legislator. With President Donald Trump’s approval ratings rapidly falling, Diaz’s extreme voting record and unwavering support for Donald Trump are likely to tank his candidacy. 

Diaz will face off against Democrat Annette Taddeo. Taddeo is a proven fundraiser with a strong record of advocating for her community. Taddeo is a battle-tested candidate and fighter for the middle-class. Unlike Diaz, Taddeo is focused on fighting for good public schools, an economy that works for everyone, and better transit options in senate district 40.

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