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Adam Putnam Admits He's a Proud NRA Sellout

Adam Putnam Admits He’s a Proud NRA Sellout

But forgets to mention he’s also a sellout to a host of other big-moneyed special interests.
Yesterday, over Facebook and Twitter, GOP gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam claimed he was a “proud NRA sellout”.

This outburst was framed as an attack by the “media”, when in fact Putnam is referring to a single column in the Tampa Bay Times.

“Yesterday, lifelong career politician Adam Putnam took to social media to proclaim that he was a ‘proud NRA sellout’. What Putnam forgot to mention was that he’s also a sellout to big sugar, utility companies, mining interests–the list goes on. How can voters be expected to trust a candidate who’s at the beck and call of special interest and corporate donors? With the field of potential GOP rivals growing, Putnam seems to be increasingly desperate to prove his conservative credentials.” said FDP spokesperson Johanna Cervone.

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