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Jack Latvala Has Some Strong Opinions

Jack Latvala Has Some Strong Opinions

State Senator Jack Latvala has some strong opinions about his GOP colleagues – and most of them are entirely true

Clearwater, FL – Today, State Senator Jack Latvala launched his official campaign visiting Clearwater, Hialeah, and Panama City.
Senator Latvala has made some very controversial comments–especially when it comes to other members of the GOP who are eyeing the governorship or currently occupy the office.

For now, most of his ire seems to have been directed at Speaker Richard Corcoran, but he’s also taken an easy shot at the GOP’s gubernatorial front runner for self branding as a sellout (although who in the GOP hasn’t and who won’t in the months to come), and at Rick Scott for failing at the only thing he set out to do when he became governor (hint: it rhymes with robs).

“The Florida Democratic Party welcomes State Senator Jack Latvala to the governor’s race. We thank the Republican state senator for highlighting Governor Rick Scott’s failed economic policies, Commissioner Adam Putnam’s eagerness to pander for campaign contributions, and Speaker Richard Corcoran’s failure to get anything done despite a Republican majority.” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Johanna Cervone.
Rick Scott: an Abject Failure
Rick Scott has failed at the only thing he he has discussed for the nearly eight years he’s been governor–jobs. A majority of Florida counties have actually lost jobs since 2007. Rick Scott’s solution? Another tax cut (because that’s worked, clearly).
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Florida is Losing Out on Jobs and Richard Corcoran is to Blame
Maybe not for the exact same reasons, but we do agree that Richard Corcoran believes in backwards economic policies that are costing Florida jobs and economic development. 
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Richard Corcoran is Bought and Paid for by the Koch Brothers 
We agree that Richard Corcoran is bought and paid for by special interests but we’d like add some other notable names to that roster like U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis who was also in attendance at the Koch Brothers retreat.
Richard Corcoran and Republicans are Steamrolling Local Government
Richard Corcoran and Tallahassee Republicans have taken preemption to another level–seeking to deny local governments the ability to regulate almost anything: fracking, guns in parks, and how our public schools spend money. 
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Richard Corcoran Sold Out & Gave Rick Scott a $85 million Slush Fund
While Jack Latvala was an ardent supporter of the Governor’s slush fund (enterprise Florida), he is correct that Richard Corcoran sold out on his values–legislating in secret to secure the passage of HB7069 by offering Rick Scott a job growth fund.
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Tallahassee Republicans Bringing D.C. Dysfunction to Florida
 At the end of session, some Republicans were speculating about the possibility of passing a CR and kicking the can down the road. While grossly irresponsible, this was just more of the same dysfunction we have come to expect from Tallahassee Republicans who control everything but can’t get anything done.
Richard Corcoran Sold Out Florida Firefighters 
Senator Latvala introduced a bill this past session to establish a cancer disability presumption for firefighters, but Speaker Corcoran continually killed any partner bills that were introduced in the Florida House.
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Adam Putnam is a Sellout (What’s New?)
We think almost everyone in Florida at least raised an eyebrow at Adam Putnam’s decision to brand himself an NRA sellout–especially considering the correlation between Putnam’s votes and donors, but that’s a different press release.
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