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Days Later, Jose Felix Diaz's Silence is Deafening

Days Later, Jose Felix Diaz’s Silence is Deafening
Days have passed since the attacks on Charlottesville, and the series of sickening remarks made by Donald Trump blaming “both sides” for the acts of terror in Virginia and Trump’s claims that many “fine people” were among the white supremacists inciting violence. Jose Felix Diaz has yet to join the chorus of voices across the state condemning the President’s ​defense of white supremacists. 
“For days, Jose Felix Diaz has kept silent about Donald Trump’s support and defense of white supremacists. Diaz could have joined other members of the GOP and denounced Trump – instead, his silence solidifies his place in the most extreme and hateful wing of his party. Diaz may think he can keep dodging and stay in Trump’s good graces, but the residents of senate district 40 realize that he simply lacks the leadership and the spine to stand up to his Apprentice mentor. Our diverse community deserves better.” said Annette Taddeo.

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