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ICYMI: Governor Scott's Lunch Date with Trump

Yesterday, Governor Scott refused to answer reporters’ questions as to why the President would say there were some “fine people” in a crowd of Charlottesville protesters made up of neo-nazi’s and white supremacists. Instead of condemning the President’s statements, he told reporters: “You can ask President Trump what he said.”

Today, he is lunching with the President — so he will have the opportunity to ask the President himself. But will he?
Scott, Bondi condemn white supremacists, but not Trump’s ‘fine people’ comments
By MATT DIXON, POLITICO 08/16/2017 02:59 PM EDT
TALLAHASSEE — Donald Trump’s top supporters in Florida, Gov. Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi, condemned white supremacyWednesday, but refused to criticize the president’s comments that “very fine people” were found among the neo-Nazis involved in last weekend’s racially charged clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia.
“You can ask President Trump what he said,” Scott told reporters when asked his thoughts about the president’s comments.
“I haven’t talked to the president since then, so you’re going to have to ask him about those comments,” Bondi said at the same time after the Florida Cabinet met.
For more than a day, Republicans across the state and nation have been under intense scrutiny to react to Trump’s statements about the nature of the protesters and his belief that there’s “blame on both sides” for violence at the Charlottesville rally organized by white supremacists.
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