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Rick Baker Won't Repudiate Donald Trump's Defense of Neo-Nazis

Rick Baker Won’t Repudiate Donald Trump’s Defense of Neo-Nazis
After Mayor Rick Kriseman offered a forceful condemnation of Donald Trump for coming to the defense of white supremacists, Mayor Rick Baker doubled down and refused to denounce Donald Trump.
St. Petersburg, FL – Yesterday, Mayor Rick Kriseman offered a forceful condemnation of Donald Trump’s stunning defense of white supremacists and Neo-Nazis. 
In his statement, Mayor Kriseman criticized his Republican opponent, Rick Baker, for failing to rebuke Donald Trump’s defense of white supremacists.
The Baker campaign, in a shockingly tone-deaf response, still refused to condemn Donald Trump’s latest statements.
“Republican Rick Baker’s refusal to simply say that Donald Trump is wrong on this issue–or any other issue for that matter–should raise serious concern among voters in St. Pete. The President of the United States came to the defense of violent white supremacists, and Rick Baker who wants to be mayor is unwilling to say that Donald Trump is wrong. There are not ‘many sides’ to this issue and the Neo-Nazis who came to Charlottesville to incite violence are not ‘fine people’. Maybe its the pressure from Baker’s GOP donors, but his unwillingness to offer a full and unflinching rebuke of Donald Trump at this critical moment is reprehensible, and signifies a serious lack of moral character.” said FDP spokesperson Johanna Cervone.

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