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Donald Trump and Rick Scott's Failed Promises and Failed Policies on Venezuela

Donald Trump and Rick Scott’s Failed Promises and Failed Policies on Venezuela
Both Donald Trump and Rick Scott have talked tough against Venezuela, but have consistently made decisions that allow their allies to profit off of and prop up the Maduro regime.
Miami, FL – As Vice President Mike Pence and Governor Scott visit South Florida tomorrow, Venezuelan families expect to hear more from Governor Scott and Vice President Pence than the pandering and reckless policies that strengthen the Maduro regime. In advance of their visit the Florida Democratic Party issues the following statement:
“Two months ago an American company with direct ties to the Trump administration invested billions in Venezuela, effectively propping up the Maduro regime, and Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Rick Scott have done nothing,” said Johanna Cervone of the Florida Democratic Party. “Today, instead of standing silently beside Vice President Mike Pence, Florida families are calling on Governor Scott to make good on his failed promise to boycott businesses doing business with Venezuela, counsel the President to stop American investment in the Maduro regime and provide Temporary Protected Status for the people of Venezuela — these are concrete steps that we can take right now to support the Venezuelan people as they fight for freedom. Anything less from our Governor is just more evidence that he is willing to put his self-serving political agenda above the interests of Florida families.”
Here are the facts on Governor Scott’s hollow promises to the people of Venezuela — that news outlets from Politico to the Miami Herald argue are merely “symbolic” — and will do nothing to weaken the Maduro regime: 
Businesses like Goldman Sachs who want to do business with the Maduro regime hired lobbyists close to Governor Scott: “Goldman has also hired Greenberg Traurig’s Tallahassee office to lobby both the Legislature and Scott administration. Hayden Dempsey, head of the firm’s lobbying practice, and Fred Karlinsky, co-chair of its Insurance Regulatory and Transactions Practice Group, will be representing Goldman. Both have close ties to the governor. Dempsey, who declined to comment, was Scott’s first legislative affairs director, and there are few lobbyists with closer ties to Scott than Karlinsky. He served as chairman of Scott’s second inaugural event, had significant influence when Scott was mulling a new insurance commissioner in 2015, and has served in a number of other prominent posts.” [Politico Florida, 8/3/17]
Governor Scott did not follow through on a threatened boycott that would have impacted companies that do business with and prop up the Maduro regime: “…the resolution falls short of a plan initially pitched by Scott that would have required the state to divest its assets in companies that do business with the Maduro regime, including Goldman Sachs. [Tampa Bay Times, 8/16/17]
Governor Scott stopped short of advancing threats that would weaken the Maduro regime, instead proposed a mostly “symbolic gesture: “If he had followed through on his threatened boycott of companies that do business with the Maduro region, it would have affected companies like Goldman Sachs Asset Management, which purchased $2.8 billion in bonds in May from Venezuela’s state-run oil company, and companies like Delta Air Lines and McDonald’s, which still operate in the country.” [Miami Herald, 7/27/17]
Background: Florida Democrats have been strong advocates for the Venezuelan people. Senator Bill Nelson has urged tougher sanctions on Maduro’s autocratic regime, and State Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez was the first state legislator to seek divestment by the state of Florida with businesses that work with Maduro’s government. Whereas, the Trump administration and Rick Scott have made hollow threats, refused TPS status for Venezuelans fleeing the Maduro regime and done nothing to penalize American companies with close ties to the administration who have invested billions in propping up the Maduro regime.

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