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Cowardly Jose Felix Diaz Refuses to Defend his Community…

Cowardly Jose Felix Diaz Refuses to Defend his Community and Stand Up to Donald Trump 
In yet another display of cowardice, Jose Felix Diaz has stayed silent about Trump’s pardoning of racist and disgraced Joe Arpaio.
“Jose Felix Diaz continues to prove that he is either too cowardly or too self-serving -or both- to stand up to Donald Trump. Once again, he has kept silent while his Apprentice mentor stoked the flames of hatred and division to pander to his extremist base. Republicans and Democrats alike have spoken against Trump’s pardon and Joe Arpaio’s sickening history of racially profiling Latinos and people of color. But Jose Felix Diaz is clearly more concerned with keeping Donald Trump happy than defending our community against hate.” said FDP Spokesperson Johanna Cervone. 

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