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Democratic Mayor Rick Kriseman Pulls Two-Term Republican Mayor Into November Runoff

Democratic Mayor Rick Kriseman Pulls Two-Term Republican Mayor Into November Runoff 
Democratic Mayor Rick Kriseman has tied and pulled the former two-term Republican mayor Rick Baker into a November runoff 
St. Petersburg, FL – Democratic Mayor Rick Kriseman has pulled the former two-term Republican mayor, Rick Baker, into a November runoff.
Defying all expectations that Baker would win outright, Mayor Rick Kriseman has succeeded in winning 48.01% of the vote, leaving Baker with 48.61% of the vote–tying the election.
Now, with President Obama’s endorsement and the support of Florida Democrats from around the state, it looks like Mayor Rick Kriseman will be coming from behind to defeat Republican Rick Baker in a November runoff election where increased turnout from Democrats will favor Mayor Kriseman.
“Under the Trump White House, we can’t afford Republicans like Rick Baker who are complicit in every harmful policy this President enacts. Baker will never challenge Donald Trump because he would lose the support of the GOP special interests that fund his campaign. Unlike Rick Baker, Mayor Kriseman has always been clear about his stance on the issues and where his values lie. Mayor Kriseman’s strong record of progressive of accomplishments speak for themselves–it’s why Democrats like President Obama endorsed the mayor.” said FDP spokesperson Johanna Cervone.

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