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FDP Statement: Trump's RNC Finance Chair Rewards Rick Baker

FDP Statement: Trump’s RNC Finance Chair Rewards Rick Baker
In response to  RNC Finance Chair Steve Wynn’s contribution  to Rick Baker’s Seamless Florida political committee, Florida Democratic Party Communications Director Johanna Cervone issued the following statement:
“Let’s be clear, the RNC’s finance chair, Steve Wynn, contributed to Rick Baker because of his loyalty to the GOP. In fact, never once has Rick Baker challenged Donald Trump. Whether on climate change or Charlottesville–Baker has proven again and again that he lacks the political courage to lead St. Pete or to stand up to Trump. Baker has been totally silent on the subject of man-made climate change, one of the most pressing issues facing a coastal city like St. Petersburg, and even held his tongue when the President came to the defense of white supremacists. The RNC and Trump are simply rewarding Baker for his loyalty and silence on some of the President’s most egregious transgressions.”

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