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ICYMI: Elder Care Watchdog Toothless Under Rick Scott

From Johanna Cervone, Florida Democratic Party spokesperson: “The office of Elder Care Ombudsman is meant to be a fierce watchdog for the seniors in our state who are the most vulnerable. Our seniors deserve dignity, respect, and a true advocate for their interests in Tallahassee. Instead, Rick Scott passed over qualified candidates with significant watchdog experience for political allies who would cozy up to industry lobbyists. Floridians are tired of Rick Scott consistently putting the special interests before the people of our state. The governor has a long record of appointing unqualified candidates to critical state agencies, and Floridians are paying for it.”
Sun Sentinel:  Elder care watchdog referring fewer complaints for investigation
By Dan Sweeney
October 8, 2016
Key points: 
Read the full article  here.
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