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Donald Trump Takes a Page from Rick Scott's Book, Puts Millions of Lives at Risk with Executive Order

Donald Trump Takes a Page from Rick Scott’s Book, Puts Millions of Lives at Risk with Executive Order
Donald Trump’s executive order will continue his sabotage   of health insurance markets across the country. Trump has already caused premiums to increase for millions by deliberately creating instability, limiting funding for advertising and cutting the ACA’s open enrollment period.
But Floridians know this story all too well. Rick Scott, Trump’s confidante and adviser on the disastrous Trumpcare plan that has failed over and over again to pass Congress due to its devastating effects on the cost of care, has been sabotaging Floridians’ healthcare coverage for years. 
From  leaving millions on the table in federal funding  to appease his political party to eliminating the state oversight  that could have prevented the deaths of 14 seniors in the aftermath of hurricane Irma, Rick Scott’s healthcare sabotage has caused immeasurable suffering for Florida families. 
“Donald Trump learned a lot about healthcare sabotage from Florida’s governor. Rick Scott’s refusal to expand Medicaid has left nearly a million Floridians without healthcare and denied countless families the  resources they need to fight the opioid epidemic  ravaging our state,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Johanna Cervone . “But that’s just the first chapter in Rick Scott’s textbook: he has ignored Democrats’ call for  a waiver to help families with KidCare  payments after Hurricane Irma, eliminated the Office of Drug Control, deregulated the nursing home industry–contributing to the deaths of 14 seniors after the storm, and oversaw the largest Medicare fraud in the country’s history. Donald Trump has clearly become Rick Scott’s best student on how to sabotage affordable healthcare.”
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