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ICYMI: Gov. Scott would be a big winner under GOP tax plan

ICYMI: Tampa Bay Times, Alex Leary, November 2, 2017
Gov. Scott would be a big winner under GOP tax plan
AMT and estate tax changes would benefit wealthy governor.
Key Points:
“Vice President Mike Pence took the GOP tax cut quest to Orlando on Thursday and promised utopia… ‘We’re going to simplify the tax code once and for all,’ he said. The plan would also save money — a ton of it — for the man standing with him, Gov. Rick Scott.”
“Among potential savings for the ultra-rich is an elimination of the alternative minimum tax. Scott’s 2013 tax return shows he paid $339,00 in AMT. A year before he shelled out $360,000.”
“The estate tax would also be phased out after six years, a major boon for Scott, who in 2016 had a net worth of $149 million.”
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In response to Tampa Bay Times reporting, Johanna Cervone, spokeswoman for the Florida Democratic Party, issued the following statement:
“It’s no surprise that Donald Trump is taking care of his good friend Governor Rick Scott under Trump’s new “welfare for the wealthy” tax plan. Under the Trump plan, Rick Scott will pocket $300,000 more a year, while regular Floridians will pay more taxes. Rick Scott proves once again that he doesn’t care about Florida families and is only out to make himself and his friends even richer.”

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