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Florida Democratic Party Calls on Jack Latvala to Resign

Florida Democratic Party Calls on Jack Latvala to Resign 
In response to the numerous allegations of sexual harassement against Jack Latvala and the mishandling of the complaint filed against him, Florida Democratic Party spokeswoman Johanna Cervone issued the following statement: 
“Jack Latvala’s behavior is unacceptable and there is no place for it in our government or our state. Using a position of power to harass, touch, demean and pressure women—or anyone else— is wrong, plain and simple. Now, Latvala’s smear campaign against Rachel Perrin Rogers has resulted in her needing armed security. He must resign. 
Instead of taking steps to discourage this behavior, Joe Negron’s mishandling of the complaint filed against Latvala has resulted in an environment where women continue to feel unsafe and afraid to come forward. Anyone who is guilty of using their power to harass or compromise women should resign immediately.” 

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