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Spotlight On Scott’s Drilling Record Gets Brighter

What They’re Saying: Spotlight On Scott’s Drilling Record Gets Brighter 


TALLAHASSEE, FL – The backlash against Rick Scott is continuing, as the spotlight on his long and well documented record of backing drilling off Florida’s beaches and shores keeps getting brighter. Here’s what they’re saying:


Politifact, 1/10/2018: Gov. Rick Scott’s Full Flop on oil drilling




Miami Herald, 1/10/2018: Just how exactly did Florida get excused from oil drilling?



Washington Post, 1/10/2018: Excluding Florida from a new offshore drilling plan sure looks partisan 


For his part, Mr. Zinke defended the decision to exempt Florida by arguing that the administration always intended to consult with governors before making any final drilling decisions…It took approximately no time for leaders in other drilling-skeptical states to call Mr. Zinke on his words. Shortly after the announcement, a bipartisan group of governors from states such as New York, Oregon and South Carolina all asked publicly for their own special exceptions.

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