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Just the Facts: Scott’s Long History Against Dreamers

Just the Facts: Scott’s Long History Against Dreamers


Tallahassee, FL – With Rick Scott’s USA Today op-ed on immigration, he once again proves he will say anything in an election year to further his political ambitions — even if it flies in the face of his own record and years of evidence to the contrary.


While today, Rick Scott tried to mislead the public by offering up a self-serving attempt to side with Dreamers — in nearly all the days leading up today, the Governor has been one of the biggest opponents of Dreamers in Florida. If Scott truly wanted to help Dreamers, he would be doing much more than releasing an op-ed, and his lip service today proves once again that he’ll use anyone as political bargaining chips to advance his own agenda. Read the facts for yourself: 




PolitiFact Florida: Scott Promised To Bring Arizona-Style Immigration Law To Florida “After he won the general election, Scott quickly broke two immigration related promises: to bring an Arizona-style immigration law to Florida and to require all Florida employers to use a federal E-Verify system. Ultimately, he simply stopped talking about the Arizona law.” [PolitiFact Florida, 7/2/14]


Scott In 2011 On In-State Tuition For Dreamers: “I Completely Oppose It.” “Scott replied: “Well, my position on immigration has been clear for a long time. I believe the federal government ought to do their job. You know, secure our borders. Come up with an immigration policy that Americans understand and people who want to come to this country understand. But with regard to in-state tuition for illegal immigrants I completely oppose it.” [Politifact, 5/2/14]


Politifact Rated Scott On In-State Tuition For Dreamers As A “Full Flop.” [Politifact, 5/2/14]


2013: Scott Vetoed Bill That Gave Driver Licenses To Dreamers. “In 2013, the Legislature passed a bill to give driver licenses to those with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, sometimes called ‘Dreamers.’ Scott vetoed it.” [PolitiFact Florida, 10/20/14]

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