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Rick Scott Loser of the Week [Again]

ICYMI: Rick Scott Loser of the Week [Again] and Set to take fire in multiple Democratic races


TALLAHASSEE, FL –  Rick Scott the candidate will have to answer questions about Rick’s Recession and he’s named loser of the week for having no influence over off-shore drilling. Here’s what they’re saying:


Tampa Bay Times,  1/21/2018:  As Senate candidate, Rick Scott will take fire in multiple races




Tampa Bay Times, 1/21/2018: Rick Scott Named Loser of the Week 


…”candidate Trump sounded unenthusiastic about more drilling when he gave his first Florida interview to the Tampa Bay Times in February, 2016: “It would be a little bit of a shame (to expand drilling closer to Florida), because there’s so much fracking, and there’s so much oil that we have now that we never thought possible,” he said then.” See also: Rick Scott Named Loser of the Week on January 6, 2017, November 12, 2017, and September 24, 2017.

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