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Ron DeSantis Is Officially Running to Be Donald Trump’s BFF

The Reviews Are In: Ron DeSantis Is Officially Running to Be Donald Trump’s BFF


DeSantis Seems More Interested in Auditioning to be Trump’s Top Cheerleader than Governor of Florida


Tallahassee, FL— Monday, Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-Fox News) officially rolled out his campaign for governor with a speech that was “light on policy” but heavy on love for Donald Trump. At an event in Boca Raton, DeSantis went full Trump, praising Sean Hannity and right-wing radio host Mark Levin while saying little about the issues that will face Florida’s next governor. The Sun Sentinel noted the speech focused on “what he sees as successes of the Trump administration” while Florida Politics reported that “much of DeSantis’ speech would have been suitable for a run for an office in D.C. rather than Tallahassee.”


While there was lots of praise for the President, DeSantis’ GOP opponents didn’t fare so well. In an homage to the Donald, DeSantis promised to drain the “Tallahassee swamp” that House Speaker Richard Corcoran and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam have thrived in for years. It was DeSantis’ best imitation of Trump, and a brutal attack on his Republican rivals.


DeSantis’ Trump lovefest was just the latest sign of how the GOP gubernatorial primary has devolved into an episode of The Apprentice. As the Tampa Bay Times reported last year, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam has already spent months “pandering to the Trump wing and dividing Floridians”, an “out of character” shift that has raised eyebrows even among Putnam’s supporters.


With 210 days left until Election Day, it’s clear that Florida Republicans race to the right is on.


Florida Politics: Ron DeSantis: ‘We’re running and we’re going to win this race’


After introductions from speakers including Rep. Brian Mast and Puerto Rican politician Jennifer Gonzalez, none of which discussed Florida issues in any way whatsoever, Florida’s newest candidate for Governor took the stand.


Much of DeSantis’ speech would have been suitable for a run for an office in D.C. rather than Tallahassee.


“We’re running and we’re going to win this race,” DeSantis said to ballroom applause, before thanking figures like Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, and Trump (none of whom deal with Tallahassee issues) for their support.


Florida Politics: Five most bullsh*t parts of Ron DeSantis’ campaign kickoff


As our Jacksonville reporter A.G. Gancarski noted on his Twitter feed: “Not sure if DeSantis is ready to be Governor, but he’s definitely on track to host a show on Fox News after the first part of this speech. Still no Florida issue discussion.”


Sun-Sentinel: Trump-endorsed Ron DeSantis kicks off governor campaign with promise to drain Tallahassee swamp


Trump, and the political revolution he’s brought to Washington, was a constant theme of DeSantis’s kickoff rally in Boca Raton. During his 25-minute speech, DeSantis repeatedly invoked the president, praised outgoing Gov. Rick Scott and thanked Fox News host Sean Hannity.


Palm Beach Post: DeSantis invokes Trump, Scott in gubernatorial campaign start in Boca


Look for a Donald Trump-themed campaign for Florida governor from U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Palm Coast, whose first campaign rally here Monday included several mentions of the president’s support and a comparison of Republican-controlled Tallahassee to the Washington “swamp” that Trump famously pledged to drain.


Tampa Bay Times: Ron DeSantis launches gubernatorial bid, vows he’s the outsider’s choice


Congressman Ron DeSantis, R-Palm Coast, traveled to Donald Trump’s neck of the woods in South Florida Monday morning to launch his bid for Florida governor, delivering a speech heavy on conservative principles but light on state policy.


Miami Herald: ‘Illegal immigrant’ actor shoots woman in political ad targeting sanctuary cities


Ron DeSantis, the favorite of President Donald Trump and Fox News, announced a bid for governor that will shift the race for the Republican nomination to the far right.

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