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Trump Administration Abandoning Puerto Ricans

Trump Administration Abandoning Puerto Ricans By Ending FEMA Food and Water Distribution


Donald Trump and his administration are abandoning the people of Puerto Rico by abruptly putting an end to delivering food and water. FEMA announced Monday that it will stop distributing emergency aid on Wednesday, January 31, at a time when at least one-third of the country is still without power, and many are still without running water. 


“The Trump administration is abandoning American citizens in their time of need. The announcement that aid would end on January 31 is both heartbreaking and shows an absolute lack of respect for fellow citizens,” said Caroline Rowland, senior spokesperson for the Florida Democratic Party.



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“Marytza Sanz, president of Latino Leadership Orlando, which has been helping displaced families, said many don’t know where they will go after FEMA stops paying for their rooms.”

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