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ICYMI: Rick Scott is Playing Politics With Florida's Coastlines

ICYMI: Rick Scott is Playing Politics With Florida’s Coastlines

TALLAHASSEE, Fl.– Experts issued a stern warning that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s comments on Florida being “off the table” for off-shore drilling, may have hurt Florida more than helped. Zinke made the comments last month alongside Trump’s close friend, Rick Scott. An attorney says the comments are “not legally binding,” and “step on the Interior Department’s decision making process.” The comments show Rick Scott and his political allies are out only to serve his political ambitions, and that Scott will always put himself over the best interests of the people he serves. 

Tampa Bay Times, 2/1/2018, Interior Secretary Zinke may have hurt, not helped, Florida on oil drilling, critics say 

“But there is now legal cloudiness — other experts have made the same conclusion as Flournoy.”

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