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New Audio: Putnam Defends “Tallahassee Swamp”

New Audio: Putnam Defends “Tallahassee Swamp”


Putnam Embraces GOP-Controlled Tallahassee as DeSantis Vows to Drain the Swamp


Tallahassee, Fl. — Just a few days after Congressman Ron DeSantis vowed to drain the Tallahassee swamp, career politician Adam Putnam rode to the rescue. During an appearance at the Panhandle Tiger Bay Club on Wednesday, Putnam was asked where he thought the Republican-controlled state capital was broken and what he would do to clean up the “filth” in the Tallahassee. His answer? Everything is going swimmingly in the swamp!


“It’s not broken. And I’ve talked about the good things that we’re doing,” Putnam told the questioner.


Putnam’s decision to run as the embodiment of twenty years of one-party rule in Tallahassee puts him sharply at odds with Congressman Ron DeSantis — and the anti-Establishment Republican electorate. On Monday, DeSantis launched his campaign for governor by insisting that Tallahassee insiders should not pick the next governor and issuing a Trump-like call to drain the swamp.


“For years, Adam Putnam has been one of the most biggest alligators in the Tallahassee swamp,” said FDP spokesperson Kevin Donohoe. “It makes sense that he is planning to run as the embodiment of decades of a failed one-party Republican rule. Unfortunately for Putnam, Floridians in both parties want their next governor to be someone who will take on the Tallahassee establishment and fight for Florida’s working families. Floridians want change, not a Tallahassee swamp monster, as their next governor.”


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QUESTIONER: There is a lot of, for lack of a better term, filth in Tallahassee today. I don’t think we’ve seen this in the past. I’ve been in Florida my whole life. I’ve never seen the sort of [inaudible] in Florida, Tallahassee. We hear about the swamp, and I plan to ask every candidate for state office who comes here about this. Is Tallahassee broken? Does it need to be fixed? And if so, how would you do it.


PUTNAM: It’s an important question, because character and values really do matter…. Is Tallahassee broken? No, it’s not broken. And I’ve talked about the good things that we’re doing.

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