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Buchanan's Closing Message in HD 72: "Lock Her Up"

Buchanan’s Closing Message in HD 72 Special Election Race: “Lock Her Up”


Sarasota, FL– James Buchanan’s campaign is emulating the Trump Campaign, encouraging the same rhetoric Trump did in 2016 by launching into “Lock her up” chants, just days before the special election in House District 72. 


Listen to Rally Here.


The hour long rally was headlined by Trump’s former campaign manger Corey Lewandoski, who now makes a name for himself by campaigning for self-proclaimed “Trumpians.” The tone of the rally and the visit is on par with the campaign that Buchanan has ran, tying himself to Trump, and his father, Congressman Vern Buchanan, not to his own merits.


“This kind of rhetoric has no place in Southwest Florida in 2018. Margaret Good has run a campaign based on her experience, her ability to serve, and her shared values with her community. Republicans continue to make defending Trump and his priorities their top issue, ignoring the fact that half of our state is in a recession. By inviting Corey Lewandoski to stump for him, James Buchanan has made it very clear who he stands for, and it’s not the people of Sarasota,” said FDP Spokeswoman Caroline Rowland.

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