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If He Runs, What Will Scott’s Blind Trust Reveal?

If He Runs, What Will Scott’s Blind Trust Reveal?


A new report from the Tampa Bay Times reveals that if Rick Scott runs for Senate his blind trust will violate federal disclosure requirements and, for the first time in years, Scott and his family will be required to disclose substantially more information about their finances, revelations that could highlight conflicts of interest and how Scott has used his time in office to dramatically increase his personal wealth.


In light of this report, here are some additional questions raised about Scott’s self-serving agenda and conflicts of interests that he will have to answer, one way or another:

















From Caroline Rowland, Florida Democratic Party Spokeswoman: “For years Rick Scott has used his power to enrich himself and pursue his own self-serving agenda at the expense of Florida’s middle class families. If he decides to run for Senate, he’ll face a new wave of revelations highlighting his conflicts of interest, shadowy finances and how he’s utilized the governor’s office to put more money in his own pocket — while driving wages for hardworking Floridians to amongst the lowest in the entire nation.”

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