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Will the Republican Gov. Candidates Finally Stand Up for Puerto Rican Families?

With Trump Heading to Orlando, Will the Republican Gov. Candidates Finally Stand Up for Puerto Rican Families?


200 Families Will Lose Their Housing Tomorrow


According to the Tampa Bay Times, Donald Trump is likely to visit Orlando on Friday. The presidential visit comes as the Trump administration is on the verge of taking away hundreds of Puerto Rican families’ housing vouchers, and in the process sparking a massive housing crisis that could displace thousands more in the next month.


The presidential visit, coupled by FEMA’s cruel cuts to housing vouchers, raises the critical question of whether the Republican gubernatorial candidates will finally condemn the Trump administration’s incompetent and devastating response to Hurricane Maria and finally stand up for Puerto Rican families who are on the verge of becoming homeless.


“The Trump administration is on the verge displacing hundreds of Puerto Ricans in Florida – and Ron DeSantis, Adam Putnam and Richard Corcoran are letting him get away with it. Instead of standing up for Puerto Rican families, the entire Republican gubernatorial field is watching silently as hundreds lose their housing vouchers. DeSantis, Putnam and Corcoran have made clear that they are more interested in pleasing the president than doing anything that helps Puerto Rican families,” said FDP Spokesperson Kevin Donohoe.


So far, the Republican gubernatorial field has been in lockstep with the President. Ron DeSantis, Adam Putnam, and Richard Corcoran have all appeared to be more interested in praising Donald Trump than in putting forward solutions, like extending the Temporary Shelter Assistance program, that will help displaced Puerto Ricans living in Florida. Just yesterday, Congressman Ron DeSantis did four different interviews yesterday with Fox outlets, but never once mentioned what he would do as governor to secure affordable housing for displaced Puerto Ricans. He also failed to sign a bipartisan letter from Florida lawmakers to the Trump administration to do more to provide affordable housing for people effected by Hurricane Maria. House Speaker Richard Corcoran is once again trying to divert funding away from affordable housing, exacerbating the long-term affordable housing crisis in many parts of the state. And Adam Putnam too has remained silent (although he’s found plenty of time to praise Trump’s shoddy infrastructure plan and tweet about the Olympics).


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