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Chairwoman's Statement on GOP Block of Assault Rifle Ban

Yesterday, Republican lawmakers turned their backs on our children. As student survivors from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High watched on, every member of the Republican House of Representatives voted against opening discussion on a bill that proposed bans on the assault rifles used in the Parkland shooting.   


“Yesterday’s vote is just one more reminder that Governor Scott, Richard Corcoran and the GOP-led legislature continue to fail to provide the leadership needed to put an end to senseless mass shootings,” said FDP Chairwoman Terrie Rizzo. “If tragedy strikes again and innocent children and citizens are gunned down in a classroom, a dance club, or an airport, we can look to yesterday as another example of elected officials that care more about special interest money than keeping our kids safe from harm. Florida Democrats stand for common sense gun safety laws, and we stand behind the students and families who continue to fight for change.”

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