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Putnam Sold His Soul to the Gun Lobby. Now It’s Catching Up to Him.

Adam Putnam Sold His Soul to the Gun Lobby. Now It’s Catching Up to Him. 


As Florida Demands Action, A “Proud NRA Sellout” Dodges, Ducks and Deflects


Tallahassee, Fl. — Adam Putnam has spent years shilling for the gun lobby — and now it’s finally catching up to him.   


In the past week, Putnam has struggled to defend his record and drawn sharp rebukes from members of his own party:



“For the past week, Adam Putnam has pathetically tried and failed to hide his pro-gun record from the people of Florida. It’s not working,” said FDP spokesperson Kevin Donohoe. “This has been the worst week of Adam Putnam’s gubernatorial campaign. Florida is demanding action, accountability, and answers from their political leaders in the wake of Parkland. Instead of listening to Floridians, Adam Putnam has spent the past week avoiding their questions, shutting doors on reporters, and trying to erase pro-NRA language on his website. In the wake of Parkland, Putnam’s pro-gun policies have become so toxic and unpopular that even Florida Republicans aren’t bothering to defend him.”





Politico: Senate budget chief halts gun-rights bills in wake of mass shooting

“Bradley made the comments after he refused to hear Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam’s bill to issue gun licenses with incomplete background checks. Putnam, a candidate for governor who has called himself a “proud NRA sellout,” had coincidentally asked that the bill be postponed, but Bradley said he was not aware of the request.”



ABC News: The Note: A surprising road to familiar results

“As of Thursday evening, Putnam’s office had yet to respond to an ABC News inquiry about whether the concealed carry permitting provision would remain in the bill.”



Sun Sentinel: On public safety, Florida Republicans get an F

“The day after the shooting, the state Senate was scheduled to vote on a proposal by Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam to let people get concealed weapons permits before their background checks were completed. Given the optics, Putnam, a Republican candidate for governor who calls himself a “proud NRA sellout,” asked that the vote be delayed out of respect for the families of the dead.”



Politico: Bradley: Putnam’s bill will be heard without gun language

“When asked about the bill, Jenn Meale, a Putnam spokeswoman, said, ‘It’s our understanding the language is being removed from the bill.’ Putnam is also a GOP candidate for governor who has used gun issues and Second Amendment support as part of his early campaign. Bradley said he has been working with Stargel, so he could not comment on whether Putnam supported the proposal.”


Florida Politics: Florida Democrats request emails between ‘NRA sellout’ Adam Putnam and gun lobby

“The Florida Democratic Party is requesting copies of any communications between Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam and the gun lobby.”



Politico: Once a ‘proud NRA sellout,’ Putnam won’t say if he’d use term again

“Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam began his gubernatorial campaign by branding himself an “NRA sellout,” and after a Florida school shooting that left 17 dead last week, will not say if he would use the controversial language again.”


Associated Press: Students find changing lawmakers’ minds on guns isn’t easy

“Anna Fusco, president of the Broward County teachers union, joined the students and directly questioned where Putnam stands on banning assault rifles. ‘They want the guns gone. Can you help with that?’ Fusco said. Putnam didn’t directly answer the question.”



Orlando Weekly: Following Florida school shooting, Adam Putnam scrubs his ‘Proud NRA sellout’ claim from his ads and website

“Just days after a teenager shot and killed 17 of his former classmates and teachers in Parkland, Florida, agriculture commissioner and gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam seems to have removed all references of his favorite line referring to himself as a ‘proud NRA sellout.’”

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