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Rick Scott is Hiding from Floridians, His Record at CNN Town Hall

Rick Scott is Hiding from Floridians, His Record at CNN Town Hall


In response to Rick Scott’s refusal to attend tonight’s CNN town hall on gun safety, Florida Democratic Party Spokesperson Caroline Rowland issued the following statement:


“Rick Scott’s refusal to join survivors, students, parents, teachers and Floridians at tonight’s discussion shows how afraid he is to explain his long record of opposing commonsense gun safety measures. He can’t defend the last eight years he’s spent making Floridians less safe from gun violence and Floridians are tired of his empty words and broken promises. Make no mistake, Scott isn’t motivated by the compelling voices of the Parkland students or the outcry against his record, he’s looking out for himself. Floridians will hold him accountable.”


See also this new report: Despite U.S. sanctions on Russia, Gov. Scott offered tax breaks to manufacturer of AK-47 assault rifles.

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