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While Rick Scott Hides From His Record, New Questions About Tax Incentives for Gunmakers

While Rick Scott Hides From His Record on Guns, New Questions Arise About Tax Incentives for Gunmakers


While Governor Rick Scott failed to face students, parents, and Floridians at last night’s CNN Town Hall, Senator Bill Nelson and Congressman Ted Deutch showed up to answer questions, and talk about real solutions and commonsense gun legislation. It is clear who wins in Rick Scott’s Florida: gunmakers, not students. 


The Tampa Bay Times, 2/21/2018, Rubio faces tough audience at CNN forum, backs some gun restrictions while refusing to disavow NRA


The Washington Examiner, 2/21/2018, Florida Gov. Rick Scott booed for skipping gun town hall


Scott Faces New Questions Over Tax Incentives for Gun Makers


Florida BullDog, 2/20/2018, Gov. Scott skirted Russia sanctions to offer tax breaks to maker of AK-47 assault rifle


Miami Herald, 1/19/2013, Gun makers feast on Florida tax breaks

At least three gun makers have been on the receiving end of lucrative tax break deals aimed at spurring job creation. Colt Manufacturing Co. was approved for a $1.6 million deal in December 2011, after it opted to open a new regional headquarters in Osceola County, bringing 63 jobs. Scott hailed the tax credit program as a “clear message that Florida is both open for business and a defender of our right to bear arms.”

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