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Cruel Corcoran’s House Republicans Shock the Nation

Cruel Corcoran’s House Republicans Shock the Nation


For Years, Richard Corcoran Has Been One of the Fiercest Opponents of Gun Safety and Mental Health Coverage


In the past week, Richard Corcoran’s House of Representatives’ cruel indifference to the demands of Parkland students has shocked the nation. Florida’s House Republicans have become a national embarrassment and earned themselves a reputation as a cesspool where staffers spread deeply offensive conspiracy theories and meaningful efforts to address gun violence go nowhere.


In the past week alone:


It’s no surprise that the House under Corcoran has emerged as the leading opposition to any sensible gun safety proposals. For years, Corcoran and House leaders have not only blocked numerous gun safety measures — they have also cut funding to keep schools safe and repeatedly refused to provide nearly a million Floridians with access to mental health services:




In April 2011, Corcoran Cosponsored Legislation Removing the Authority of Municipalities to Impose Gun Safety Rules, Including Waiting Periods. [Florida House of Representatives, HB 45, Vote #293, 4/26/11]




Politico: Corcoran “Has Said Little” About Gun Issue Because He “Knows That Any Gun Control Legislation to Come Out of His Chamber Would Draw Fierce Opposition From His Allies in Gun-Rights Groups.” [Politico, 2/21/18]


Corcoran on Decision to Block Debate on Assault Weapons: “Rules Matter That’s What Makes Our Country Great. You Have to Follow the Rules.” [Tampa Bay Times, 2/22/18]




Florida Association of School Administrator President on Feb. 1st: The Florida House Has Scheduled No Increase in Safe Schools. [Tallahassee Democrat, Bill Lee op-ed, 2/1/18]


Tampa Bay Times Column: Romano: Until the Parkland shooting, lawmakers ignored requests for school safety funds. [Tampa Bay Times, John Romano Column, 2/20/18]




In April 2011, Corcoran Cosponsored Legislation Prohibiting Health Care Providers from Recording Patients’ Gun Ownership Status. [Florida Journal of the House of Representatives, HB 155, Vote #292, 4/26/11]




In 2017, Corcoran Negotiated a Budget Cutting Medicaid Payments to Hospitals By $521 Million. [Daily Commercial¸ 5/6/17]


The Senate Attempted to Soften the Cuts to Hospitals But the House Didn’t Even Introduce a Hospital Funding Bill. [Palm Beach Post, 6/29/17]


Naples Daily News: Advocates Said Cuts In Medicaid Payments to Hospitals “Could Spell Disaster for Mental Health Patients.” [Naples Daily News, 4/29/17]


Corcoran Allowed Millions in Grants for Mental Health Funding to Expire


In 2017, the Florida Legislature Allowed $20.4 Million in Federal Mental Health Funding to Expire Without a Replacement Plan. [WUSF, 8/13/17]


Salus Care in Fort Myers Said the Cuts Would Mean 800 Children Would Be Turned Away and 250 People Would Not Receive Psychiatric Services. [WUSF, 8/13/17]


Cocrocan’s Budgets Cut Mental Health From Thousands

Orlando Sentinel: Budget Cuts Expected to Leave Several Thousand People Without Mental Health Care.  [Orlando Sentinel, 8/7/17]


Orange County Receiving Center CEO Said They Were Cutting Staff and That a “Very Low Estimate” of 3,500 Patients Would Lose Access to Services. [Orlando Sentinel, 8/7/17]


Florida’s Refusal To Expand Medicaid Has Left Hundreds of Thousands Without Mental Health Coverage


Corcoran “Led the Crusade” Against Medicaid Expansion, Which Would Have Covered 1 Million Floridians. [Miami Herald, column, 3/5/17]


Dept. of Health and Human Services Study: 309,000 Uninsured Floridians With Mental Illnesses Would Have Been Covered by Medicaid Expansion. [Florida Trend, 3/29/16]

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