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FDP Statement on Rick Scott's 'Woefully Inadequate' Gun Proposal

FDP Statement on Rick Scott’s ‘Woefully Inadequate’ Gun Proposal


FDP Spokeswoman Caroline Rowland released the following statement responding to Rick Scott’s proposed gun legislation:


“For eight years Rick Scott has worked to make Floridians less safe from gun violence, now, he’s putting forward a proposal experts and gun safety advocates called ‘woefully inadequate’ because he thinks it will help his own political interests. Scott’s proposal fails to seriously address the dangers facing Floridians from gun violence and fails to address the issues that the students who courageously led this fight advocated for, most importantly, an assault weapons ban. We need universal background checks, to close dangerous loopholes, a waiting period to buy guns, and a real ban on weapons of war. Instead, Rick Scott has given us broken promises and a record of putting his own political interests over real reforms to crack down on gun violence, and that’s exactly why Floridians don’t trust him now.”

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