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Rick Scott’s u2018Woefully Inadequate’ Gun Legislation Fails to Protect Floridians

Rick Scott’s ‘Woefully Inadequate’ Gun Legislation Fails to Protect Floridians 


Tallahassee, FL.- Rick Scott’s “woefully inadequate” proposal is being criticized by advocates, mental health professionals, pulse survivors, and the students who fought for it. They say it doesn’t go far enough, and fails to address the number one concern of the students who survived the shooting. 


What they’re saying:


Wall Street Journal, 2/23/18:


“This is not about Second Amendment rights. This is a public safety issue. The students have been very clear—they want these killing machines out of the state.”


Tallahassee Democrat, 2/23/18:


“The ban on assault weapons was the No. 1 message coming from the students that traveled to Tallahassee and have been speaking consistently with courage, with passion and with a fierceness on that issue that issue along has seemingly fallen on deaf ears.”


“Raising the age limit does nothing to resolve this issue. There are numerous mass shooters who have been over age 21. For example, the Pulse nightclub shooter was 29. The Sutherland Springs church shooter was 26. And in San Bernardino, the shooter’s age, 28 and 27. So we should not be focused on age restrictions. We should be pursuing an outright ban as the root of this issue. once we accomplish this ban, age restrictions, we believe, are immaterial.”


Sun Sentinel, 2/23/18:


“It’s not enough and we’re going to make sure they know it’s not enough and is not solving our problems.”


WMNF, 2/23/18:


“The common denominator in mass shootings was noticeably absent — taking large-capacity magazines and assault weapons off our streets.”


US News, 2/23/18,


“Very small, incremental changes.”

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